Communications by GloCell

Subscriptions to Ignition Group VAS After Migration


Dear Valued GloCell and Ignition Group VAS Subscriber,



You currently enjoy first class service offerings from Ignition Group VAS. For a nominal monthly subscription, you have been able to make use of up to eleven (11) different Value Added Services (VAS). Depending on what offerings you have selected, you have access to the following fantastic services.

  • PhoneBox: Helps you back up your photos, videos, files and music through an instant mobile backup solution.
  • OneBox: A fully customizable email service packed with features such as anti-virus, spam filtration, calendar reminders, and more.
  • RescueBox: Fast and secure remote support service with "remote fix" functionality, dedicated support and live knowledge-based updates.
  • SOS Squad: An emergency service dedicated to providing Roadside, Legal, Home Teacher, Medical and Trauma assistance.
  • Simfy: Offers access to over 36 million songs to stream and download for offline listening.
  • Hotspotter: Access to more than 2,000 Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.
  • Kintel: A safe and secure mobile guardian for your loved ones.
  • TechTrace: Enables smartphone users to remotely locate, alarm, wipe, take photos and call out from their device when lost or stolen.
  • Luno: Personally check your credit report monthly, in an easy-to-read format.
  • DebtDoctor: A specialised legal advice and financial aid service.
  • StudyBuddy: One-on-one tutor support and online research assistance for a learner.


As of 01 June 2018, GloCell will no longer be facilitating the billing of these VAS's on your mobile account nor the debit order on your bank account. Ignition Group VAS will, from this time, take over the management of your billing for the Ignition VAS's, which includes invoicing and bank debit orders. Your current monthly VAS subscription will remain unchanged on your chosen debit order date. Your bank statement will reflect the product name along with your order reference number (e.g. PHONEBOX AP-0001581).


For those customers who are paying by cash or EFT, the banking details are as follows:


Account Holder: Affinity Network
Bank: ABSA Bank
Account Number: 4093314335
Branch Code: 632005


*NB. Please use your ID number as a reference when making cash payments


Should you have any queries you can contact the Affinity Network via their website or call Customer Care on 0861 111 485.




The GloCell Service Provider Team