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GloCell (Pty) Ltd was established in 2001 and over the years, it has grown to become one of two largest Prepaid Airtime and Data distributors in South Africa, with annual revenues in excess of R5 billion and dispensing over 40 million airtime transactions monthly.


GloCell Distribution (Pty) Ltd is a leading distributor for all mobile network prepaid products, which includes Prepaid Airtime and Starter Packs. GloCell Distribution is also a leading supplier of electricity comprising hundreds of local municipalities, plus other Value Added Services (VAS) such as DSTV vouchers, Hollywoodbets and many Ticketing Services such as Sports Events, Buses, Trains, Fashion, Exhibitions, Festivals and much more. Distribution points include major corporates and thousands of petroleum company convenience stores, independents, retailers, pharmacies, chain stores, resellers, wholesalers, till and POS points of presence, informal outlets and RICA "foot soldiers".


Some of GloCell's milestones include being voted 5 times as South Africa's number 1 independent cellular company, as voted by consumers, in the Ask Afrika "Independent Service Provider" category for service excellence.


GloCell is recognized as a premium "As On TV" cellular brand, with millions of South African consumers familiar with its "The Mobile Generation" jingle.


GloCell Mobile (Pty) Ltd sources and imports quality feature and smart devices which are sold under the GloCell brand.


Below are some of GloCell's distribution points and business partners:

Prepaid Business


Products, Services and Technology


GloCell Distribution (Pty) Ltd has an extensive product bouquet which includes prepaid airtime and data from all networks, plus prepaid electricity from over 150 municipalities and utilities, UniPIN, Talk360, Hollywoodbets and DStv.



The distribution of Virtual Prepaid Airtime, Data, Electricity and VAS is undertaken by utilising various technology platforms which are deployed in accordance with the client's preference and infrastructure.


The following options are available.


Touchscreen POS Device


  • User-friendly external device with easy touch navigation
  • Has a built-in printer and operates through 3G or ADSL
  • Multi-user codes, plus numerous reporting and reconciling actions
  • Online and offline functionality
  • Single account comprising all products and services
  • Auto Log Out option, plus Low Credit notification
  • Prepaid Products: Airtime, Data, UniPIN, Chat For Change, Talk360, and Electricity.






  • Compact, rechargeable and an external mobile device
  • User-friendly with easy touch navigation
  • Has a built-in printer and operates through an embedded SIM plus Wi-Fi
  • Multi-user codes plus numerous reporting and reconciling actions
  • Online functionality and single account comprising all products and services
  • Prepaid Airtime, Data, UniPIN and Electricity



Direct Integration

  • Integrates directly into client's POS or IT platforms
  • Benefits include no additional (external) devices at till points
  • Seamless roll-out with integrated and consolidated cash-ups
  • Reduced effort and risk



Pinless (Direct Top Up)

Pinless allows the recharge of Prepaid Airtime and Data directly to Prepaid or Hybrid subscribers' accounts.


Pinless recharge is a process whereby the subscriber's Airtime or Data is topped up in real time - thanks to GloCell's integration into the Networks, subscribers' accounts are topped up immediately. Within seconds, subscribers receive an SMS from their Mobile Network to confirm the transaction and that their Airtime has been loaded (with a new Airtime balance).


This solution eliminates the need for PINs completely and the possibility of user error with traditional, lengthy PIN numbers.


This service is available across all Major Networks.


GloCell offers national representation with 365 Days Customer Support (including after-hours' standby), monthly retail store visits and in-store GloCell-branded marketing Point of Sale.


Bulk Print



GloCell distributes 36 million prepaid (network-approved) airtime paper vouchers monthly, each resembling Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom prepaid cards.


GloCell-approved Resellers (Bulk Print Dealers) purchase 'non-live' paper envelopes from GloCell in boxes. Thanks to GloCell's software (which is installed for free on Reseller computers), Resellers are then able to download virtual PINs in real-time, directly into their computers, 24/7, through secure PGP-encrypted keys.


Once PINs are downloaded securely, Bulk Print Dealers are then able to print live PINs inside the paper envelopes (in their own time and convenience) - which now become consumer-ready and are typically sold in multiple sheets to hawkers, supermarkets, cash & carries, independent outlets, and other resellers.


This system improves a Reseller's convenience, availability and cash flow, eliminating the need for physical deliveries and reducing the risk of theft.


Handsets Business


GloCell has become a strong consumer brand in South Africa, made possible through extensive and sustained marketing campaigns over nearly two decades of GloCell’s existence. Its "mobile generation" jingle is synonymous to the brand with millions of South African consumers.


GloCell Mobile imports and distributes quality GloCell branded handset devices.


Its brand, the DRTV marketing campaigns and loyalty value adds offer massive differentiation in the market at prices that are comparable to other entry level feature and smart devices.


For trade enquiries, please contact GloCell Mobile.

GloCell 1.44 Feature Phone

Coming soon


GloCell G1700

Available at selected cellular shops nationwide


Glo 4.0 K412D



Glo 5 K5006



Glo 4.0 L412D



Glo 5.0 L5006



Glo 5.5 K5501B



Glo 5.7 K5705



Glo 5.5 L5501B



Glo 5.7 L5705



GloCell and Cell C FAQs


Cell C and GloCell announced the successful conclusion of an agreement that will see GloCell cede its Cell C contract customer base to Cell C.


With the notification that you will have received regarding the transfer of your contract to Cell C, here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) which will assist you with the coming exciting changes.


Will my account automatically transfer over to Cell C?

Yes, your account will automatically be transferred from GloCell's subsidiary to Cell C if it is up-to-date and not in arrears. Any account that is in arrears and without an agreed payment arrangement will be deactivated. You will then be liable to pay up the balance that is outstanding on your account. Should your line have been deactivated, you may contact GloCell to find out how to settle the balance.


What happens if my account is not transferred over to Cell C?

If your line is not transferred over to Cell C, it could mean your line is in arrears and that you might have not been meeting the monthly commitments on your GloCell account. Your line will be deactivated and the outstanding balance will be due and payable by you to GloCell. Should your line have been deactivated, you may contact GloCell to find out how to settle the balance owing to GloCell and remove any potential credit-adverse listings. If deactivated, your number will not automatically be reserved. In fact, the number will go back into the Cell C pool of numbers and will be recycled. Your number cannot be reactivated by GloCell. In such instance, once the payments have been made, you will be required to apply for another contract with a Network Service Provider of your choice.


Do I have a choice regarding my number moving to Cell C?

GloCell and Cell C have concluded a transaction whereby customers are ceded to Cell C. This is good news for you as you will now be a direct customer of Cell C, giving you access to a larger call centre, increased sales and service points and an enhanced product and service portfolio. If your account is up to date with GloCell, it will be transferred to Cell C with all the current terms and conditions of your existing contract remaining the same. Once your account is with Cell C, you will then be able to make any decisions regarding your new Cell C account (in line with the terms and conditions of your existing contract).


Who do I pay in July?

GloCell will carry out your last bill run in the first week of July 2018. Your invoices and statements for the July subscription and June usage will be sent out by GloCell.


Should your account be payable via debit order, you will notice that your July debit order will be made by Cell C. Your debit order will continue being run on the same date that GloCell would have typically run your debit order. No changes.


If you pay your account via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) monthly, then you will be required to pay Cell C from July onwards. Your beneficiary will change from GloCell to Cell C. All the banks have Cell C as a registered beneficiary and you will be required to make your payments utilising the reference listed on your statement. Please make sure that your reference is clear when transferring the funds. You need to use either your GloCell account number or the Cell C account number as a reference. (Note that you will only receive your Cell C account number once the migration has taken place). Failure to reference your payment correctly will result in a delay in the allocation of funds to your account and may result in the account going into arrears. To avoid having your line suspended, please take due care when paying to use the correct reference on the account.


Going forward, your Cell C statement will be sent to you on the seventh (7th) of every month.


What does it mean for me? Will my account change?

When you move over to Cell C, we anticipate it being an enhanced customer experience for you. You will have access to Cell C's extensive store footprint, be supported by a top quality call centre, and have the ability to conduct your account via the Cell C Mobile App (which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store).


Your contract terms will move over to Cell C and remain exactly the same. Your package, benefits, pricing and contract terms remain unchanged. The only difference is that, instead of receiving a GloCell bill, you will receive a bill from Cell C going forward.


If you have insurance, this value added service will also be migrated with your contract and you will remain covered. However, should you have value added services such as S Drive or Ignition, these services will not be migrated to Cell C. You will have already received a letter in this regard and you will be billed directly by the service provider (please find letter here).


Once migration has taken place, you will be able to sign up for any of Cell C's other exciting value added services.


What happens if I have a pre-migration related query?

GloCell is not passing pre-migration queries over to Cell C. All such queries will have to be resolved with GloCell before the migration, which is expected to take place between 02 and 06 July 2018.


Only queries that were logged by GloCell in the final three (3) days before the migration date will be transferred to Cell C.


All other queries will need to be closed out by GloCell prior to the migration.


For the time being and until migration, your queries must still be directed to GloCell. The contact number is 072 045 0151. You may also choose to send an email to GloCell Customer Support.


Once the migration of your contract is complete, you will receive a notification via SMS. Cell C's call centre agents are fully briefed and will be able to assist you. You can reach them on 084 135. Alternatively, you can send an email with your questions to Cell C's Escalations Department.


Will GloCell continue to operate?

Yes. GloCell is an established mobile specialist group of companies. GloCell Service Provider is the Cell C contracts business and one of GloCell's subsidiaries.


The decision to cede and migrate GloCell Service Provider's Cell C customers was made jointly between GloCell and Cell C.


As with similar businesses in the past, to ensure the best experience for contract customers, ceding them to Cell C was the ideal choice.


What are GloCell’s current and future services?

GloCell is one of two largest prepaid Airtime and Data distributors in South Africa, with annual revenues in excess of R5 billion. GloCell distributes products and services for all networks, including: Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, Virgin, Neotel, WorldCall, plus national prepaid electricity on behalf of hundreds of municipalities, servicing thousands of retail and wholesale points of presence.


What happens if I have a current payment arrangement with GloCell?

If you have a current payment arrangement with GloCell, please note that this will not be automatically transferred over to Cell C.


If you are either a corporate or an individual customer who has had a payment arrangement with GloCell, you are required to pro-actively contact Cell C to make the necessary payment arrangements. Please note that GloCell and Cell C make no warranties that your payment arrangement will be reinstated with Cell C once your account has been moved over.


You can contact Cell C once you have been migrated, to make payment arrangements. Prior to migration, you still need to contact GloCell.


You will receive a notification once your contract has been migrated to Cell C.


What do I do if my account is due for an upgrade?

From the date of migration* onwards, if you are eligible for an upgrade, you will be required to upgrade directly with Cell C.


If you wish to upgrade before the migration date, you can either wait for the migration date to pass and upgrade with Cell C, or upgrade in the same way as you currently would with GloCell.


Post the migration in July 2018 you will be able to upgrade:



What do I do if I would like to take out a new (or add on another) contract line?

Post the migration* date after the middle of July 2018, you will be able to take out the contract line:



* Note that you will receive a confirmation SMS from Cell C once your line has successfully migrated.


If I have a usage limit on my account (open contract), will it be transferred over to Cell C?

Yes, all relevant data pertaining to your existing account will be transferred to Cell C. However, it is still your responsibility to manage your out-of-bundle usage.

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